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For the past four months No-mad has been busy sharing inspirational and thought-provoking images on our Facebook page.  For those of you who have not yet had a chance to visit us on Facebook, we encourage you to drop by and join a community that cares and treasures our planet.

These are some of our best landscapes from around the world: :)

Magnificent Egypt – The great Valley of the Kings, Luxor, captured by Laurenz Bobke from the river Nile….
Image by Laurenz Bobke

Buenas noches Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

New Zealand leads the way once again – first country in the Asia Pacific region to legalise same sex marriage, only a few hours ago :)

Image by Piterpan (Malborough, New Zealand)

Thor’s Hammer landed in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA, approximately 63 to about 40 million years ago. :) A stunning example of a hoodo (or rock or fairy chimney), it sits among a collection of giant natural amphitheaters that were formed through frost weathering and stream erosion processes. The red, orange, and white colors of the rocks provide spectacular views for park visitors enjoying the many hikking trails.
Image by Xindaan

Wishing you a serene Monday morning with the soft whispering sway of the bamboo trunks in the Arashiyama bamboo forest outside Kyoto, Japan.

Tenryū-ji bamboo forest – Kyoto

… life awakens in the other side of the planet (our side :)) and people go about their daily routines, just like this fisherman in Guangxi, China.
Friday awaits, enjoy it!

Image by Xiao Mei Sun

A fallen sequoia Redwood becomes a tunnel in California´s Sequoia National Park, home to the largest trees in the planet.

If you are just waking up and looking at this landscape, you probably think you are still dreaming, But no, you are not. :) This is, in fact, Goreme (Capadocia, Turkey), a surreal town nestled in the World Heritage National Park of the same name, renown for its spectacular ¨fairy chimney rocky formations¨, carved entirely by erosion. The power of mother nature at its best. :) Good morning BTW!
Image by F. de castrob

Northern Hemisphere – Welcome to your Spring :) And remeber, as Belgian author Marianne Van Hirtum once said “Spring is the only revolutionary whose revolution has succeeded.”

A rare view of usually bone-dry Uluru (Australia) – the rain and the low cloud blocking the sunlight makes the mystical rock chameleon between shades of deep red and brown through to hues of purple and blue-grey. Truly a once-in-a-life time moment.
Image by Steve Strike

Finland tops green tourist destination ranking. What are the Finnish doing so well? Strong legislation on sustainable tourism practices and civic conscience. Kudos Finland!

St Patricks Day is around the corner. To sink into a more relaxing weekend mode nothing like some seriously beautiful Irish scenery – Dark Hedges, near the village of Armoy, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Derweze (Turkmenistan), 1971 – Soviet geologists tap into a cavern filled with natural gas. The ground beneath the drilling rig collapses leaving a hole 70 m in diameter. To avoid poisonous gas discharge, they decide to burn it off hoping the fire would use all the fuel in a matter of days. The gas is still burning today. The locals call it, very appropriately, The doors to hell.

Chocolate hills, Bohol, Philippines – 1,776 grass covered limestone hills spread over 50 sq km. The brown colour of the grass during the dry season makes them resemble a chocolaty paradise much like the one in my dreams. :)

The people of the Falkland Islands have voted to stay British. But do you know that this archipelago is made of 740 islands that are home to elephant and fur seals, penguins, black-browed albatross and many endemic bird species? All of them live totally oblivious to the sovereignty conflict between Britain and Argentina.:)

No-mad fast facts :) The agripastoral, (formerly) nomadic Dinka tribes of South Soudan are amongst the tallest people in the world: men average 1.9 m and women 1.8 m. Youngsters´ foreheads are scarred to indicate passage to adulthood.
Image: kwekudee-tripdownmemorylane

How about starting the day with a journey through Australia´s red centre with The Ghan? Three days and nearly 3000 kms of pure red and cobalt blue skies. Because we can.

Another superb journey – the Atlantic Road (Norway) zigzags across low bridges linking Kristiansund and Molde. On a good day you´ll see whales and seals. On a stormy day, you´d best stay home. :)

The country where tulips grow, windmill turns, breakfasts are chocolaty, people are industrious and the sea tries to drown it all¨. But what´s its real name? Is it really Holland?:) Watch to find out.

Quí pugués estar ara mateix admirant les catarates Honokohau (Maui,Hawaii). On us veieu vosaltres aquest matí de dilluns? :)

Aurora Australis in Rakiura/Stewart Island, New Zealand – result of the interaction between the summer fierce winds in the island and the earth´s magnetic fields. Who has been lucky enough to see it?

Oscar location fast-fact :) A free man, Django travels with German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz along the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Did you enjoy the 180 minutes?

A white weekend in Barcelona…

This landscape is the backdrop to a dramatic scene in a movie nominated for best film. Do you know which one? Do you think it deserves the nomination?

Still in a somewhat romantic mood…
The Heart River, a tributary of the Missouri River, North Dakota, the United States.
Enjoy ♥

Size does not matter in New Zealand

Quiz: There was no known indigenous human population in this is exotic paradise when the Portuguese arrived in 1507. Where are we?

Pregunta: No hi havía població humana indígena en aquest paradís exòtic quan van arribar els portuguesos el 1507. On estem?

A panoramic view platform, a café and a giftshop at 3,777 m of altitude!
Aiguille du midi, Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France.

For a great ski/snow-boarding experience in Aiguille du Midi and region, these guys are amazing, according to Willem Reiners Tay. Thanks everyone!

Undulating tea plantations, deep gren, misty jungles, strawberry farms… a unique ecosystem slowly fading away – Cameron highlands, Malaysia.

Starting the week with memories of a Mediterranean paradise now sadly paying the price of mass tourism – Ibiza.

The “most precipitous mountain under heaven”, Mount Hua, China… how is that for a fun hike???

Not another planet, our beautiful earth – The Hoggar mountains of Algeria

Photograph by Brigitte Djajasasmita via the Twisted Sifter

I wanted to say thank you Australia, but that was already taken…

I wish I was here, Chile´s Patagonia… How about you?