A true story behind No-mad´s homepage image

I was looking for an image that captivated the No-mad vision and I came across Norbert´s enchanting portrait. Everything about it was right – the colours, the composition, the intense minimalism… I was aware I could not use it without the photographer´s permission, so I wrote to Norbert who replied in an instant. Not only did he agree to the idea of me using the image, he kindly told me the touching story behind it:

¨This photo was taken in the Ténéré desert in Niger, in 2007. “Ténéré” in Tuareg language means “desert”. Early morning we spotted an abandoned young camel on our way to the north part of the Ténéré. My friend Adoua (man in photo) walked towards the obviously frail animal and tried to make it drink some water while encouraging him in several local languages to get back on his feet. All efforts were in vain. The young camel was likely abandoned by a caravan and was severely dehydrated. With great sadness we left the condemned animal behind. I took this photo when Adoua walked away from the camel, back to the car. I’m glad you like it :-)

I got the chills. I knew this was the one. 


Adoua, Ténéré desert, Niger, 2007. Photo taken by Norbert Righetto