A performance this little girl cannot forget – Mercat de la Boquería, Barcelona

La Boqueria - Barcelona

I was only little but overwhelmed with excitement when my dad woke me up at 2 am to take me to his tiny little office in the Boquería market in the Ramblas, Barcelona main thoroughfare.  No, it wasn´t a case of child labour, as we might fear today – I loved spending my school holidays with this great man in this magical place ( I guess that´s where I got my habit of being up at down every day).

 We arrived early, no later than 3am and even at that time the market was a fascinating stage of dynamic actors, yelling, laughing, flirting – hovering around in their gum boots,  throwing boxes here and there cigarrette in hand, pausing to recover their energies with a ¨carajillo¨ break everynow and then while talking about the latest soccer feat.

When  I go back today it doesn´t take me much to revert back to the hussle of the merchants´ waltz I witnessed in the eighties (I even recognise some of the performers) as  the market remains as vibrant as I remember it with colours, flavours and aromas. A delight for both first timers and regular visitors.

Check their website and make sure you stop over while in this great city. A great way to encourage the local economy!

Mercado Boqueria Barcelona Espanha Catalunha Julho 2008

La Boqueria - Barcelona

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La Boqueria, Barcelona